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CR mod is relatively complex mod that adjusts the game's difficulty in a more sophisticated way than simply increasing health/armor/damage values of enemies (although that is also present to a minor extent).

Added version compatible with Definitive Edition.

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CR mod is a relatively complex mod that adjusts the game's difficulty in a more sophisticated way than simply increasing health/armor/damage values of enemies (although that is also present to a minor extent).

Changes include following:

Balance adjustments to some of the skills, mainly source and movement ones (mostly nerfs). Enemies, for the most part, will still use old (more damaging/less expensive) versions of skills. List of all skill changes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Jo58tcQIlHETKRpFy2gs2Uxkn9_rX6zmunKYXbOgFPw/edit?usp=sharing 

14 new encounters (including 9 bosses) in previosly empty areas of the maps.
Various changes to existing encounters. Some of the enemies, both new and old ones, can drop new unique weapons which can be upgraded to your current level by combining them with "alien tormented soul" item. There is total of 11 new weapons in the mod.

Most of the bosses and some of the mini bosses in act 2 and onwards are now immune to majority (sometimes all) of the hard disables, such as stun and knockdown.

Added block chance to most of the shield wielding enemies. It is small at the beginning, but will, on average, get higher as you progress through the game.

Added dodge chance to archer and rogue enemy archetypes. Dodge values will get higher as you progress through the game. This makes flanking mechanic and dodge reducing/accuracy increasing skills a bit more relevant.

Adjusted the base AI so now it more likely to focus fire and attack low hp targets. Some bosses will have custom AI profiles that make this aspects even more pronounced.

Adjusted AP/SP cost of some of the enemy versions of skills, so that the AI will consider them worth using/will use them more often.

Lowered the quality of wares from vendors in Act 2 and onwards. You will no be able to purchase divine items until Arx.
Quality of loot from bosses slightly increased to compensate for it.

Ashen Idols are not obtainable (they will get automatically removed from the inventory once acquired).

Rebalanced AP cost of various scrolls. Most notably, AP cost of Resurrection Scroll increased from 3 to 5.

Warfare's damage bonus reduced from 5% to 2%. Enemies that are affected by this, had their stats adjusted (so there won't really be any damage output loss from them).

Lone Wolf's hp/armor bonus reduced from 30% to 15%.

Where to find new enemies (not counting several new summon skills that some of the enemies can use):
Act 1. Necromancer's Tower.
Act 2. Cloisterwood, Ryker's cellar, Wrecker's Cave (multiple existing encounters affected), Paradise Downs, Blackpits Mines.
Act 3. beach cave, area just outside of it, Shrine of Amadia, area near Academy Entrance.
Act 4. Arx sewers (2 encounters), Magisters' Barracks, Lucian's tomb.

List of encounters in which some of the enemies got a bunch of new skills: 
Act 1. 3 necromancers in the tower, magister group at the docks, Zaleskar, Alexandar fight.
Act 2. Gheists in the deck of Lady Vengeance, Lone Wolf merchant in the tavern, Djinn, Mordus, Weaver, Rogues in Paradise Downs, Elven Elders near Paradise Downs, Tovah and the elves near Lone Wolf encampment, Advocate, Almira, Harbinger.
Act 3. Several Black Ring encounters, Alexandar, Watcher, Sallow Man, automaton boss, Shadow Prince.
There is also a couple dozens of minor changes here and there (such as, for example, some enemies getting additional talents or salamanders becoming more dangerous at low health).

Mod should be compatible with other difficulty mods that instead simply increase global enemy health/damage modifiers.

Mod is designed to be played on Tactician difficulty with a full four man party. Testing i've done with lone wolf was very limited.

To install: unpack the archive to Documents/Larian Studios/Divinity Original Sin 2/Mods.