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  1. Tremaparagon
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    Looks pretty great! Here are some thoughts:

    1) Perhaps you could also buff Guardian Angel to have a bigger range?

    2) This may be way more difficult, I don't even know if possible, but maybe GA or a different skill could also temporarily give Stench to all other units in range, except for the tank who is casting GA. This would be cool because I don't like investing in Stench on my characters :P

    3) One way to make a tank is give them Glass Cannon, which makes opponents much more likely to aggro them. However, this often makes your tank just a piece of meat as they could be CC-locked. So if possible, you could look at making at least some of the skills in this mod cast-able through CC. You may look at "Break the Shackles" for inspiration on how to do this. However it might be impossible if the game automatically skips your turn if you're frozen, knocked down, etc. so I'm not sure if there is a way to change that.

    4) Stand Behind Me! Could be a low-cooldown skill that works like Backlash but on allies. Target an ally to leap to them and give them some kinds of defensive buffs, or automatically taunt as well around you. Maybe both, but perhaps that's too strong; you'd have to decide.
  2. tunaicen
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    pein pwns...
    1. FuroxZX
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      Pain you mean?