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This simple mod removes the (annoying) green glow effect when shapeshifting into another race so you can look like a real version of the race you transform into, rather than a green blob.

Permissions and credits
This mod has 2 versions: 
The original version made by me: this one is not as efficient (relatively big file) but I have succesfully played the game with it.
The alternative version made by ayet0: this one works more like a proper mod and uses a smaller file.
Both versions effectively have the same effect, so only download one of them.

Installation (original version):

- Download the rar file from the files section of the mod.
- Extract this file in your Divinity - Original Sin 2\Data folder, overwriting the existing Effects.pak.
- Important: do not place a backup of the original file inside the data folder, the mod will stop working.
Instead, place it in the Divinity - Original Sin 2  folder if you really want a backup.
- You don't have to activate the mod in the main menu, the replaced file is all you need.

Installation (alternative version):

- Download the .7z file from the files section of the mod.
- Extract this file in <user>/Documents/Larian Studios/Divinity Original Sin 2/Mods folder (create Mods folder if it does not exist).
- Activate the no glow mod under "mods" in the main menu of the game.