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Uploaded here with Ghaleon Valmar's permission. Switches out more outlandish looking models of elf armor for more human-looking ones available in-game.

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Good evening everyone,

This mod here is a simple mesh-swap for the leaves and vines that make up a majority of elven outfits in-game, switching them out for less outlandish looking designs.

Installing the mod is a matter of extracting the .pak-file contained in the .rar-archive into Documents/Larian Studios/Divinity Original Sin 2/Mods folder and activating it in the main-menu in-game. It doesn't conflict with any other mods as far as I am aware. In case of DE, the folder structure is Documents/Larian Studios/Divinity Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition/Mods .

Known issues: Certain meshes may show visible gaps, also depending on animations - mage head-piece and rogue's dual-wield pose in character creation come to mind; as the meshes here are taken from the game's files, those issues are present in the vanilla-game as well, however. Outfit-variety is somewhat impacted by this, with tier 1 outfit-meshes being quite ubiquitous, yet this may still be very welcome to those that aren't too fond of said vine-and-leaves design. Elven NPCs found in-game, for example Saheila's clan in act 2, will retain that kind of outfit.

Credits go to Ghaleon Valmar who originally published the mod on Steam Workshop.

10/18/2018: Uploaded Valmar's DE-version for the mod. Functionally the same as before, for possible caveats see above.