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Allows player characters to get NPC exclusive (or otherwise unique) visuals, by applying the visuals to equipped items or spawning them as loot. Includes armor visuals as appliable and spawnable, and weapon/shield visuals as appliable. Also includes armor dyes.

Permissions and credits
Version 1.4 (14 Nov 2017): Added option to apply visuals to equipped items for all armor visuals, Added options to apply unique weapon visuals and shield visuals to equipped items.

Allows player characters to get NPC exclusive (or otherwise unique) visuals, by applying the visuals to equipped items or spawning them as loot. Includes armor visuals as appliable and spawnable, and weapon/shield visuals as appliable. Also includes armor dyes.


Gives a magic lamp to the player(s) upon entering the game, that when used initiates a dialog where you can select the options you want. Selecting an option in the dialog will apply the visual to your equipped items or spawn a sack containing the armor set into the player’s inventory. Note, that applying visuals will not change the color of the item. All armors will be the same level as the player, and have random stats. Rarity will be epic to divine depending on player level.

(meatbag versions have the same visuals for undead also, and vice versa, but some may have clipping issues):


    * Arhu (for Human Male)
    * Ataraxian (for Undead Human Male and Female)
    * Bandit (for Human Male and Dwarf Male)
    * Blackring (for Human Male and Female)
    * Blackring Witch (for Human Female) (Finesse / Intelligence)
    * Braccus Rex (for Human Male)
    * Civilian Clothes (for All)
    * Gareth (for Human Male)
    * Guard (for Human Male and Female)
    * Jahan (for Human Male)
    * Lich (for Undead Human Male)
    * Malady (for Elf Female)
    * Origin (Red Prince, Beast, Sebille, Lohse, Fane, Ifan) (Finesse / Intelligence / Strength)
    * Paladin (for Human Male and Female)
    * Redfaction Priest (for Human Male and Female)
    * Paladin Ranger (for Human Male and Female)
    * Paladin Warlock (for Human Male and Female)
    * Redfaction Brute (for Human Male)
    * Redfaction Grunt (for Human Male / Helmet also for Female)
    * Redfaction Inquisitor (for Human Male and Female / a single piece robe for all)
    * Paladin Priest (for Human Male and Female)
    * Redfaction Ranger (for Human Male and Female)


    * Anathema
    * Ataraxian Scythe
    * Braccus Axe (1h and 2h)
    * Estoc
    * Malady Spear
    * Purge Crossbow
    * Voidvoken Staff
    * Wooden Toy Sword


    * Bandit Shield
    * Blackring Shield A
    * Blackring Shield B
    * Braccus Shield
    * Divine Order Shield
    * Wooden Toy Shield


There will also be an option for a dyebox, that contain dyesets. Use crafting to combine a dyeset with an equipment piece to change its colors. Each dyeset has three colors. From left to right, they are the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. An equipment piece may have all, none, or some of these color “channels”. Experiment with them to see what channels will stick to what equipment.

Currently the dyes only work on equipment from this mod, but I can release an additional mod to make the dyes work on the regular equipment, with the side effect of removing color progression from them.


Q: Armor X is not in the mod, can you include it?
A: Yes, possibly. There are still armors that I intend to add in future updates.

Q: The sets have different amounts of pieces, why?
A: The visual resources for most npc characters consist of fewer pieces than the player armors. For example, most of them have the boots and lowerbody in the same model. In these cases what you get is a single equipment piece (the pants), but when you equip it, you get visuals for your lowerbody and your boots. Also, the visuals of any boots you have equipped will disappear.

Q: This mod gives free epic gear. Could I have a toned down version?, Could I have just the visuals?
A: Use the “Apply” option only, and resist the urge to spawn loot sacks. I may add an option to permanently toggle off the “Spawn” options from the dialog.


Whenever I add new armor options to this mod, I need to change the dialog (the part that shows you the options) and a story script (the part that spawns the stuff into player inventory). In order for the changes in the story script to take effect, the game needs to build the story for your save game. Building the story normally happens when you start a new game or add a mod to an existing save game. When starting a new game with this mod, or adding it to your save game for the first time, everything should work fine (no reported issues).

Problems can occur when the mod is updated and you had the previous version of the mod installed in your savegame. Rebuilding the story may fail to trigger, or it may fail to add the the new script functionality. When this happens you will likely see changes in the dialog, but the newly added stuff will not spawn. All the old stuff will work like it did before the update. This is a general issue with mods (at least ones with story scripts), and there is nothing I can do about it in my end. If a solution presents itself, then I will do my best to implement it. Hopefully Larian will be able to fix it. There are two ways you can try to make your save game rebuild the story. Solution A is easier, and seem to work in most cases.

Solution A. Before loading your save game, change the load order of your active mods. Any change should be enough. This mod should work at any position relative to other mods. The change should trigger story building when you next load your save, and hopefully fix the issues.

Solution B. Before loading your save game, 1. Uncheck this mod, 2. Load your save game, 3. Save, 4. Recheck this mod, 5. Load the new save game.

If you have more insight on the matter, or better solutions to solve it, your welcome to share them in the comments.