Divinity: Original Sin 2
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Reworks the stats of most of the unique items throughout the game to make them powerful and interesting.

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This mod tweaks the stats of almost all of the uniques in the game to make them more interesting and in general more powerful. It should now feel a bit more exciting to stumble on a unique, since many of them can give effects or skills that no other item can, rather than just basic attribute bonuses. I highly recommend using my reduced number bloat or no vitality scaling mod to make these uniques worth keeping around for 3-4 levels rather than being garbage after 1 levelup from number scaling.

Any suggestions for more interesting changes to uniques appreciated, or feedback on balance. I want these uniques to feel strong, but not necesarilly best in slot for the whole game for every class.

If using my Rude Loot mod, I recommend you put this later in the load order.