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Custom and modified levels designed for Game Master Mode. Feel free to offer feedback and suggestions. This is my first time modding, and I am eager to improve!

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2017-11-04 Made some changes to Forest Arena to add some more variety to the battle area.

2017-11-01 HUGE UPDATE! Added Forest Arena and two variations of the Snow Castle Courtyard level. Also made some minor changes to existing maps. Read on for a list of all available levels.


Custom and modified levels designed for Game Master Mode. Feel free to offer feedback and suggestions. This is my first time modding, and I am eager to improve!


Research Library Interior (Modified Level)
• A cozy, quiet library perfect for any research required by the party to unravel whatever mystery they are out to solve. Several placed books can be managed in GM Mode to your liking offering your players real-time clues & information to collect.

Guard Barracks Interior (Custom Level)
• The interior of a guard barracks complete with front desk, captain's office, civilian waiting room, and a prison/dungeon entrance.

Prison Interior Small (Modified Level)
• An update to an existing prison level with a design more focused on a cleaned up, organized prison to pair with the Guard Barracks Interior.

Secret Storage Room (Custom Level)
• A teeny, tiny room tucked away in secret full of crates, barrels, weapons, water, and food. Customize this room to feature any cool gear and loot for your party.

Inn Interior Small (Modified Level)
• A small inn's interior featuring two luxury rooms and one budget room featuring three beds. In my campaign, the players rent the room through someone in the tavern which is why this inn features no front desk.

Abandoned Campsite (Custom Level)
• A small, foggy abandoned campsite featuring a small river, bridge, and disheveled grounds. Lush with overgrowth and trees. Perfect for a somber roleplaying moment or an ambush!

Castle Courtyard Exterior (Custom Level)(Request)
• A slightly-rainy open courtyard within the castle walls featuring a market with stalls for potions, books/scrolls, physical weapons, and magic weapons. There is a small shrine to a fallen goddess, and an outdoor dining area for travelers seeking food and drink. The other side of the courtyard features a damaged castle wall in repair plus tents and tools for those working to fix the broken wall.

Snowy Mountain Pass (Custom Level)(Request)
• A small mining encampment amid a frozen snowy mountain pass featuring a small river and waterfall. The remnants of what might have been a larger mountain town has been frozen over and destroyed by the elements, but a few travelers have made camp in order to mine any remaining resources. Great for an ambush, roleplay moment, or just a pit stop between caves to load up on potions, food, etc. using the chests at the campsite.

Ship Lower Deck (Import/No Modifications)(Request)
• I've had several requests for the lower deck of a ship, but the tools for building this are confusing and outside of my current abilities. So, this is simply an import directly from the campaign so that people at least have something to use until I can learn how to build my own.

Secret Dungeon Room (Custom Level)
• A subterranean room hidden deep within a dungeon complete with a rope entrance for climbing down, three elevated platforms via stairs, and plenty of rubble.

Throne Room (Custom Level)(Request)
• A Winterhold-style main hall with a throne, dining tables, etc. Two tombs greet visitors at the entrance, and two correlated statues sit beyond rows of stone benches meant to be used to honor the fallen folk they represent.

Flooded Skull Cave (Custom Level)
• A cave covered in piles upon piles of skulls that is slowly flooding with water. A massive skull sits at the opposite side of the cave. This would be a great map for a big boss battle.

Snowy Castle Courtyard A & B (Custom Level)(Existing Level Variation)
• Two snowy, winter versions of the Castle Courtyard level. One variation is simply the atmosphere and foliage converted to a winter theme, and the other includes an excavation site within the courtyard. Who is digging for what? No clue, but maybe you can use it in your campaign!

Forest Arena (Custom Level)(Request)
• Many have requested a battle arena level with areas for an audience to watch the carnage. This take on the concept is a makeshift battle arena in the middle of the forest surrounded by cliffs, forest, and overgrowth with a few trails leading out of the area. The arena is packed with blood from previous battles, empty chests and barrels for the GM to fill with weapons and gear for the combatants, a few platforms to make combat interesting, and even a locked up area with a mutated monster bear inside. Up above the bear's pen is a switch that will open the gates allowing the monster to join the battle and make things a little more interesting. (Please note that this is not functional and will require the GM to roleplay it. And the bear can be deleted and replaced with another monster of your choosing, of course. I took the effort to allow Neutral NPC's to sit in the seats above the arena without running when combat begins. I tested it quite a bit, but it is not perfect. There are four perches above for archers to monitor the combat in case a combatant decides to teleport themselves into the stands and create havoc for the viewers. I hope everyone enjoys this one!


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