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About this mod

Adds skills for sharing civil ability bonuses with party members, in a way that promotes cooperation. Uses the highest bartering bonus automatically when trading.
Adds a book for learning Pet Pal.
Also adds some items for helping to locate the black cat at Fort Joy, and transferring the cat summon to another character.

Permissions and credits
Civil Auras adds several abilities for sharing civil ability bonuses with party members.
All items are sold at the traders listed below.

Details on each update can be found on the github repo here: Changelog

Learned from the associated skillbooks.
  • Lucky Aura - Applies "Lucky" to allies within 50m, sharing your Lucky Charm bonus. Disabled in combat.
  • Stealth Aura - Applies "Stealthy" to close allies, sharing your Sneaking bonus. Only usable while sneaking (sneak together!). Also auto-sneaks controlled party members if within range of the aura.
  • Pep Talk - Motivate a targeted ally, granting your Persuasion bonus until dialog ends.
  • Persuasion Aura - Applies "Persuasive" to allies, sharing your Persuasion bonus.


These abilities will always be active. No skills required.
  • Mercantile (Party-Wide) - The highest Bartering bonus in your party will apply to all members when trading.

Additional Items:
Quality of life related items.

  • Pet Pal Talent Book - Teaches the user the Pet Pal talent.
  • Cat Bait - Lures the Black Cat to your location. Useful for when you lose track of where the cat is.
  • Cat Bag - An item to transfer the cat summon between party members.

Main Traders:
Traders that sell the skillbooks and additional items.
Act 1
Act 2
Act 3
The Arx
  • Cat the Appraiser

Additional Loot:

Extra traders that sell an extra item or two, for flavor.
Act 1
  • Kalias (Fort Joy Caverns, Warfare Vendor) sells Phoenix Dive at level 4+
Act 2
  • Trader Thun (The fish guy in Driftwood) sells an extra Cat Bag.

Coming Soon:
  • A way to configure aura settings.
  • Loose version.

To Install:
  1. Unzip and place in your Mods folder (i.e. "Documents\Larian Studios\Divinity Original Sin 2\Mods" ).
  2. Launch DOS2, and click the Mods button at the main menu.
  3. Check the box next to Civil Auras.
  4. Hit confirm after enabling the mod.

  • If loading the mod on an existing save that previously used Civil Auras, try re-ordering your mod load order to force the game to rebuild the story. This should force the changes to load. You'll be able to tell it worked if the game takes a little longer to load the first time (that's when it's rebuilding the story).
  • Items will be generated when trade generation happens, after leveling up, and on the first load of an existing save, if the items were never generated before.
  • Talentbooks can only be learned once. Respecing will not reset this (talent point exploit prevention).

Additional Information:
  • Compatible with other mods.
  • Compatible with mods that override treasure tables. Civil Auras doesn't override any trade treasures tables - It adds to the trader's inventory dynamically, when required.
  • The books added will only appear in the vendor's inventory when needed. For example, if your whole party knows Pet Pal, the Pet Pal talent books won't be added. This is to reduce clutter.