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This is a simple requested mod. it adds an alternative version of Tactical Retreat but in the way that works for the Void with specific skills of theirs. All compact into a skillbook! The skill in question seems to go by the name of "Void Glide" and "Void Shift" as well as "Shift Phase" , so this is the result!

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This is a simple mod. It adds in a Phase Shift Teleport Skill which is the equal to some of the void teleportation skills the enemies use. This functions exactly the same as Tactical Retreat.  The only differences are that this takes Aerothurge Skill rather than Huntsman and it looks different. This was a request but this mod WILL eventually make it to my huge upcoming items mod for GM Mode.

However, this skillbook is already accessible in GM Mode as well.

For Version 1.0, in order to get the items to spawn in on a new game save for Act 1, you need to create a game save WITHOUT the mod enabled and then save at The Hold and then reload the save WITH the mod enabled and the item should spawn at Fort Joy. ^_^

Images will be added later, but there shouldn't be any need for them.

You can find the skillbooks and such in many places. 

Act 1: Fort Joy has a singular one in the chest near the waypoint you first spawn at. Can't miss it.

Act 2: There's four on the table where Dallis' Silent Monks are. They're on the First Level of the Deck of the Lady Vengeance. It's hard to miss.... Unless I put it on the second deck, but the point remains the same! Just hold Left+ALT and you can't miss it.

Act 3: On one of the ladders to reach the sails of the Lady Vengeance, there's four books there.

Act 4: Same as Act 3.

This was made by request from someone else. So hopefully they enjoy it and anyone else can also get enjoyment out of it. As I said, I'm making a huge collection of items for GM Mode and this will be in it, so if you wish to wait for it until then, by all means! But regardless, enjoy!~

Be sure to report any issues or bugs in the comments, I suppose!~ I swear, this is my final mod I'll be uploading for a bit. I-I swear.