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Ascension is a gameplay overhaul for Divinity Original Sin 2 aimed at expanding progression options available to the player and eventually expanding content within the game to allow the player to fully explore those options.

Permissions and credits
Divinity Original Sin 2: Ascension v0.2

Ascension is a mod that aims to overhaul Divinity Original Sin 2's progression with the goal of injecting far more build diversity and player choice into the game through worthwhile abilities, talents, and item options with the hope of being able to deliver a challenging experience in both the base game, and future content additions, to put that expanded player choice to the test.

Currently I am looking for people to playtest what I currently have finished while I continue working so I can ensure a consistent, and quality experience.


For a complete listing of what this mod changes, as well as a roadmap and reasons things were changed, please check out the Readme.

Major Features as of v0.2
  • Completely re-balances the 4 elemental magic schools

  • Brings each specialization more in-line with each other and has begun to inject a sense of identity into them.

  • Rebalances many aspects of the game with the intent to make you worry less about what's optimal and more about whats fun by bringings builds closer in line with each other, but there is still much, much more work to be done.

Want to see how it's made?
Click here for the source to all my mods.

Want to know what I'm working on?
I find some people are interested in knowing what is currently being worked on, or just the thought process of a developer. I decided to start a Trello board to help me visualize and prioritize my ideas. You can view it here. Feel free to give comments or feedback on ideas!

I highly recommend using Monster Scaling in combination with Ascension

Monster Scaling is no longer bundled with Ascension.

Monster Scaling automatically levels up encounters to match your parties levels, and you can configure it to be more, or less, difficult. I develop Ascension with this mod in mind, but for simplicity and usability reasons I have decided to no longer explicitly couple them together. 

This is completely optional for now. I do plan to give incentive to crank up the difficulty of Monster Scaling with Ascension eventually, which will either require it becomming a required dependency or I will have to make a seperate extension mod, but for now I think this is the right choice even if it is annoying for me to ensure compatability sometimes.