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MegaLOOOT- So much LOOOOT you will choke on it! NEW **SUPREME** Option!!

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Supreme version of this mod creates stronger items with lots MOAR boosted stats (I added a few examples in the screen shots). So choose which version and how many you want. Only use 1 of these at a time!

Comes with a Lucky Ring (which has 10 Lucky Charm and 10 Loremaster) that is on the floor/ground of the:
1.Very Beginning of game
2. Front Entrance of Fort Joy
3. Starting point at Arx

Uses lucky charm for the treasure table. As long as lucky charm is triggered then every barrel,crate, chest, bag or whatever will have about 150
items items that are the max of your level. Rarity depends on level (like normal) but all are maxed for your level (ie. level one max rarity
is "Epic" - the highers levels will have all legendary/divine etc.). In addition all of the items that can use rune slots will have 3 rune slots. Your character opening stuff should have a high lucky charm level (I would just make sure character opening things has 8-10 lucky chazrm and every opening should trigger lucky charm). You can use the Lucky Ring for that. Has a nice blend of weapons,amulets, armors, spell books,arrows and those max sized giant runes.

1. Extract the Public AND Mods folder from the zip into your main Divinity Original sin 2 install\Data folder (ie. Divinity - Original Sin 2\Data).
2. Activate Megaloot from Mod menu.

OPTIONAL: Combines Megalooot or Megalooot Supreme with:
Rivellon UnLeveled by fireundubh:

These are COMBINED mods so make sure any other version of megaloot or Rivellon Unleveled is deactivated if you use one of these.