Younger and Smoother Faces by SamModsStuff
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Added: 10/10/2017 - 06:46AM
Updated: 18/10/2017 - 07:52AM

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Last updated at 7:52, 18 Oct 2017 Uploaded at 6:46, 10 Oct 2017

Edit: I've finished female dwarves and am now tweaking a few old textures, like fixing eyebrow masks and eye textures, etc. Thank you and Please Endorse!

Hi Everyone!

Face textures for both females and males now! I wanted younger and less creepy male human godwoken so I decided to make some personal edits, but project got bigger and I decided to share with everyone! Since uploading I've gotten some requests for more, so I'm gonna go ahead and do as many as I can haha XD I've removed wrinkles, lines, spots, splotches, silly injuries like cuts and bruises, weirdness, etc. I've also edited Ifan, Lohse, Sebille and Beast's face textures!
Hope you enjoy!


  • Human Female
  • Human Male
  • Dwarf Female
  • Dwarf Male
  • Elf Female
  • Elf Male
  • Companions: Ifan, Beast, Lohse, Sebille.

To Complete:
  • Important NPCS?

Place the Public folder into the Data folder where Divinity Original Sin 2 is installed. This is what mine looks like, but your install path may look different:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Divinity - Original Sin 2\Data

If you already have a Public folder in your Data folder, simply Override when adding mine and these face textures should be added to the
correct sub paths automatically. All my files can override each other and you won't lose anything as each face edit has its own sub path.

Delete the Public folder from the Data folder found where Divinity Original Sin 2 is installed.

- I have not widely tested this in game, just through the character creator, but there shouldn't be any major issues.  Your load time may increase, but this shouldn't affect your saves. Though please report any weird issues if you find them.

- Please feel free to use my edits to make your own face textures! Please credit if you want to upload anywhere XD.

Please endorse and share!

Thank you XD