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About this mod

-Adds new spear based class
-Adds new spear based skills (Books can be purchased from Warfare Vendor)

Permissions and credits
Note: If you are having issues with the new icons being very blurry, this is due to your texture quality being set to a lower value.  This is a bug in the way the game I decides (I assume) to compress textures.  The compression should not be happening for UI assets.  I've reported the bug on the forums, so hopefully Larian pushes a fix soon.

Please report any bugs and i'll try to get them resolved quickly.

I've done some testing regarding balance for the skills, if you have any problems please inform me.

-Adds new spear based class
-Adds new spear based skills (Books can be purchased from Warfare Vendor)
-Changes all spears to do piercing damage instead of physical(This is now a standalone mod.)
-Makes spears a little more common.

[h1]List of Skills [/h1]


Jab the target with your spear.
2AP Cost & 3 Cooldown

Deflective Stance
Deflects projectiles for 2 turns.
1AP Cost & 5 Cooldown

Sweeping Slash
Hits targets in an arc infront of you.
2AP Cost & 3 Cooldown

Piercing Thrust
Hits targets in a line infront of you.
2AP Cost & 3 Cooldown


Chaotic Strikes
Your spear becomes infused with volatile energy, adding damage of a random type.
1AP Cost & 4 Cooldown

Necrotic Strike (This may be changed back at a later time to a self buff)
Spear attack that deals damage and causes Atrophy on target.
2AP Cost & 6 Cooldown

Wicked Spiral
Perform a spinning attack, hitting enemies near you and causing them to cower in fear.
3AP & 5 Cooldown


Celestial Spear
Leap to target position, does piercing damage to enemies and allies near landing area.  Increases your damage based off nearby enemies.
2AP & 4 Cooldown

Frenzied Strike
Spear attack that deals damage, and causes target to be inflicted with Madness.
3AP & 5 Cooldown

Rains spears from the sky (Storm style ability).
4AP & 5 Cooldown & 1SP Cost

Credit to: Selka For the amazing icons and the skill sheets!

Thanks to baardvaark for helping me figure out some bugs with the editor.

I've created a patreon to help offset the cost of art assets for all my mods, present and future.
If you'd like to give some support I'd greatly appreciate it.