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This mod makes all D:OS 2 Origins skillbooks available at merchants from the start of the game. No more gating of skillbooks behind player levels, only money!

Permissions and credits
This mod makes all skillbooks available at merchants from the start of the game, instead of gating these behind player levels.

So with this mod, you'll see every skillbook/scroll merchant have a variety between all skills in the game. Vendors that sell skillbooks from a single skill will still sell just for that skill, but picked from all levels, from the start. The same is true for general skillbook vendors, they'll still sell all skillbooks for all skills but picked from all the levels.

Note that this also makes it harder to get your hand on specific books, as there's a larger assortment of books that the merchant now gets its inventory from. I did not increase the amount of books for this, as a way of keeping things interesting.

This mod does do things Larian probably didn't intend, as you can specialize and get skills like Spread Wings relatively early on. However, for me this makes the game more interesting, seeing what you can do with these utility skills in the early story lines.

Installation instructions

  • Open the zip file
  • Drag the contents of the zip into your Divinity: Original Sin 2's Data folder (for Steam users, go to Program Files(x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Divinity Original Sin 2/Data", for others, the logic is the same)

If you have any remarks/suggestions, please do post them! I'm also on Steam with this mod, right here


Do I need a new save for this?
You can use this on a preexisting save or new game. Make sure it's enabled in the mod add-on section of the main menu. 

My vendor isn't showing the skillbooks after I activated the mod!
If you've already talked to a vendor before enabling this, you'll have to wait for that vendor's inventory to refresh or you can level up to force a refresh. 

Where can I buy the skillbooks?
The vendors are certain ones that sell skillbook, like Butter by the kitchen/arena area, Kalias in the caverns, etc. you can look them up.

The vendor doesn't show all the skillbooks in the game!
Indeed, he picks his number from all the books available. This keeps it kinda balanced and fun, from my perspective. I'll publish a mod that does this later.