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New Class adding in many new skills directed towards healing, and based around being holy.

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I've decided to try to make this a full class set of skills. So feel free to suggest some skill for me to add.

~ I started a cleric playthrough and I thought there were not enough healing abilities / cleric type abilities in the Hydrosophist skill tree. So I decided to make a few of my own, and as suggested by the community I have decided to make this more of a class set of skills. So far I have 6 additional skills, and am working on more.

~ The skills are incorporated into the Treasure List for Hydrosophist Skills so if they don't show up for you please let me know. I also added them to Zaleskar, outside of Fort Joy.

~ If the Spellbooks are not showing up for you, and your not on a new game, wait until the trader's inventory resets. (Every in-game hour, or when you level).

~ The skills effects / descriptions might not be complete yet either.

Added Skills

~~ Holy Blaze; Sets Holy Fire to self, and Regeneration.
(This skill costs 3 AP, and requires 1 in Hydrosophist, and 1 in Warfare)

~~ Righteous Step; Teleport to an enemy and set Clear Minded to self.
(This skill costs 3 AP, and requires 1 in Warfare, and 1 in Pyrokinetic)

~~ Healing Touch; Heal a target for a large amount, melee range. can be self casted.
(This skill costs 2 AP, and requires 1 in Hydrosophist)

~~ Holy Leap; Jump to a nearby location, knocking down and setting enemies on fire.
(This skill costs 2 AP, and requires 2 in Warfare)

~~ Divine Cleansing; Cleanse yourself and enemies around you lighting everyone on fire.
(This skill costs 2 AP, and requires 2 in Hydrosophist, and 2 in Warfare)

~~ Divine Resusitation; Resurrect target ally at 50% Vitality.[/i
(This spell costs 6 AP, and requires 4 in Hydrosophist)

I just added memorization requirements to the skills for now as a test, let me know what you think!

P.S. The crashing on launch issue should be fixed now, If your still having the issue then here are the instructions for the work around;

First Go To; "Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\435150\1148598853" and copy the .pak file in there.

Then Go To; "Documents\Larian Studios\Divinity Original Sin 2\Mods" and paste the .pak file in there.