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Gives permanent, random buffs to enemies when starting combat. Also improves loot.

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Enemies will receive permanent, random buffs upon starting combat. These range from standard buffs like Fortified and Hasted, to several custom statuses that improve abilities like leadership or retribution, or add new skills, or give various strengths and weaknesses, like boosting dodge chance but reducing elemental resists. Enemies also receive a chance to drop extra loot, possibly even rares and legendaries. 

In addition, an enemy has a 15% chance to become one of several types of champions, which mostly add several skills and major stat bonuses, but gives this character extra good loot. Bosses (e.g., Alexander) that become champions are guaranteed to drop an extra legendary. All of this is to force you to adapt, making the game more challenging without just bloating stats outright, and make combat more rewarding.

There is also a CUSTOMIZABLE option available. This is in the form of loose files, which you place in your game data folder (e.g., place the Public/EnemyRandomization_GUID folder into Public of your game data folder). You can open EnemyBuffs.charScript in Public/EnemyRandomization/Scripts with a text editor. There are several variables available to edit:

Turn regular buffs on or off

Turn champions on or off

Make the chance for enemies to receive buffs random instead of garaunteed

Grant characters two buffs

You can also remove or add buffs from the GetRandom section about halfway down the script. 

If you want to tweak loot values, you can open TreasureTable.txt in Public/Shared/Stats/Generated, and change the chance for loot. In general, new subtable "0,6;1,1" roughly means that you have a 6 out of 7 chance for nothing, and 1 in 7 chance for something. I believe you can set the value to "0,0" to receive no loot.

If you want to tweak specific buffs, you can open RandomizationStatuses.txt and BAAR_Potion.txt in Public/Shared/Stats/Generated/Data.

If you use my Bard Mod, you might consider adding the following statuses to the GetRandom list: MASOCHISM (gain power when receiving debuffs), CC_SHIELD (Earworm, CC defense at the cost of resistances), ENVULNERATOR (applies random elemental vulnerabilities), REAPERSDELIGHT (random buffs when they kill, random malus when you kill them), DRUNK_AURA (just funny).


You can download the customizable version and simply disable buffs and champions, and the game will essentially act like the vanilla version. Note that characters with existing buffs will keep these buffs. Remove your .pak version from any locations (in workshop or Documents folders). Unsubscribe if on workshop.