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About this mod

A cosmetic mod that adds a bunch of fantasy colors for skin and hair. Does not replace any original colors. Enhanced Edition.

Permissions and credits
Skin and Hair Colors
Enhanced Edition


Added a handful of new colors, some are my own updates, others were requests. Updating is simple-
Just overwrite the "properties.lsx" file with the new one.

What is this mod?
Divinity: Original Sin has a fine selection of natural tones, but not much in the way of fantasy colors.
So I added more, for both skin and hair. This is my first ever published mod, so go easy on me! :)
This mod is for the Enhanced Edition version of the game, so I don't know if it works on the standard
version. Don't worry- these colors are independent and will not replace anything. Works with multiplayer
and cosmetic mods like face textures, body and hair model replacers, etc.

If you like it, please endorse! And feel free to share screenshots of your beautiful walking rainbows
in the gallery as well.

1. Download, unzip, place the Mods folder in the game's Data folder. It doesn't go in the Mods folder
  found in your documents!
2. Move the "MainLSF.pak" file in the Data folder to a backup location. It'll stop the mod from 
  working if it stays in the Data folder, and I don't think removing it negatively impacts the game.
 Don't rename it and leave it in, either. Just move it out.
3. Play and enjoy!

1. Go to the game's directory in the Steam folder (or wherever you have it installed), delete the "properties.lsx" file. 

Known bugs:
1. On starting up the game, it might tell you "The files of 'Main' and/or its dependencies are 
  invalid, etc". It still works fine, despite the message.

Q: Can you add ____ color?
A: There doesn't seem to be a limit on how many colors I can add. So YES! Simply type "hex color 
  picker" into Google search, pick your color and send me the six digit hex code, and if you want it 
  for hair or skin. I don't care if it's a realistic color or another fantasy one; you can request 
  anything. I will even give it a special name! And remember- I respond much better to polite 
  requests/offers of digital cookies rather than demands. :)
<3 Credits and thanks to: <3
Norbyte for providing editing tools and info
MrEsturk, whose posts helped me start to figure out how the heck do this
Larian for making Divinity: Original Sin

Programs used:
LS Tools