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This mod introduces dialog based crafting and different options to transfer items to backpacks, specific containers or between player characters.

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The more time one spends in Divinity Original Sin the bigger becomes the chaos of items filling character inventories to capacity. Despite a few options to automatically sort items and containers that can be used to manually store and organize items there is still some need regarding inventory management, especially when it comes to crafting and trading which usually requires item transfers between several characters several times.

This mod tries to facilitate some processes by introducing dialog based crafting and different options for item transfer. After a testing phase with improvements and a few additions BetterLogistics is finished now. Nevertheless, feel free to make suggestions for future additions in the comment section!

BetterLogistics contains the following features and mechanics:

- ca. 200 recipes of D:OS EE supported for crafting in dialog: potions, grenades, arrows, arrow ingredients, dust, lockpicks, backpacks etc.
- ordering items from companions via default dialog or crafting from the two crafting books you can find at the starting point
- appearance of crafting options in dialog depends on the crafting/blacksmithing ability of the crafting character and on available resources in party inventory
- all resources will be taken from the party inventory, so no resource transfers are necessary; only exception: required tools (knife, dagger, axe, mortar & pestle, hammer, repair hammer) have to be in the crafting character's inventory
- crafting with external objects (water, oil and ooze barrel, well, oven, anvil) is possible for companions: they will remember your dialog orders, walk to the required object, check resources and create the items

- the crafted items will be added to the crafting character's inventory
- used resources you store in containers in the crafting character's inventory will be removed from the container inventory slots and appear in the character inventory slots, outside of the container (technically necessary)
- required tools (knife, dagger, axe, mortar & pestle, hammer, repair hammer) have to be in the crafting
character's inventory
(s. above)
- not all axes will be regarded for dialog based crafting: so take care you store a cleaver axe or wood axe early in the game

Not supported (mostly for technical reasons):
- all recipes with auto-level: no weapons and armor
- all boost recipes
- all scroll and skillbook endproducts
- a few items without own templates or with required ingredients that don't have an own template (such as bottle with oil, magic skull, strong sinew, medium and large resist all potions) 
- melting down items
- food

All required crafting and blacksmith ingredients for not supported recipes can be transferred to the crafting character though (s. below).

Item transfer

- transfer from character to character (dialog menu access via logistic book), character to backpack (via backpack drop, only conventional backpacks supported, mostly received from crafting) and character to container (two specific containers, dialog start via drop): all transfers are transfer-all
- transfer exception of items by storing them in one of the new containers (available at the starting point): armor chest, provisions sack, transport crate and all-purpose backpack (more available in the hall of heroes); weapons can be stored in any container to except them from item transfer
- the following item types are supported: weapons, armor, arrows, grenades, herbs, potions, quest items, treasure (and some junk), blacksmith ingredients, crafting ingredients (restricted to ingredients for not supported recipes, s. above), food, drinks and recipe books
- the two specific transport crates have a special function for trade: all items inside these containers will be removed when they're sold to an NPC (so the container can/should be rebought)

- for technical reasons weapons in the second hand of a dual wielding character won't be ignored in weapon transfers, so take care that you send them back and re-equip them; equipped armor, first hand weapon and shield will stay equipped
- for technical reasons armor of the same type as equipped armor won't be regarded for armor transfer

This mod requires starting a new game!


Follow the instructions in the README section. Easy to install!


Version Compatibility:
This mod is made for D:OS Enhanced Edition. It's not compatible with D:OS Classic Version.

Save game compatibility:
The Mod requires a new game, I would not recommend to use it with existing games.
Mod save games aren't playable without activated mod.

Mod Compatibility:
Probably compatible with all mods created without Editor (using the two game folders Main and Shared instead) that don't make changes on:
- the character scripts Player, Madoc, Jahan, CYS_Wolgraff, Henchman and SAC_Bairdotr
- the default dialogs of Madora, Jahan, Wolgraff, Henchman and Bairdotr

So compatible with my mods: GetRidOfQuestmarkers and StandStillWhenIAttack.

SamaritanMod is included in BetterLogistics (Standard and Scales Version). Its features can be activated by a book you find in one of your main players' inventory. There are new AI-functions added: clearing fire surfaces, removing burning, casting haste on the leading character (Pyro), casting Perception boost on the character with the highest perception and protecting characters near lava surfaces with the most effective spells (if available).

Scales 1.9.32:
A version for use with Scales is available under main files. I haven't tested if all files of Scales will be read from Main and Shared when a mod is activated, so I can't guaranty that all features of Scales will work - though they should. If you use both mods I'd be glad about feedback!

It can be used with BetterLogistics. Jahan (library) and Madora (tavern) are the only characters excluded from the changes of QuietDayOnTheMarket.   

If you are unsure about compatibilities with mods you (would like to) use contact me in the POSTS section.

For modders: The only used Story File from Main Campaign is CYS_General to add some items to main player characters.

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