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Doing away with player level requirements on skillbooks, making it possible to create powerful specialized mages at lower levels. Been eyeing that high level skill, wondering why you have to wait five more levels despite being proficient in your ability specialization? Then get this!

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This mod does away with the player level requirements on skillbooks. This means that spells like Resurrect can effectively be learned at level 1, and not level 15. This does NOT mean that you can do so without being able to learn master spells. Novice, Adept and Master spells still need sufficient mastery in the respective ability to be learned, of course, and lower mastery and stats will still make the spell harder to use/succeed.

I made this for a friend who complained that even when he specced heavily into a certain skill but still had to wait ten levels before being able to cast a higher level spell, and thought it was a cheap way to balance the game by unlocking powerful spells later. This does break the game, as you have access to ridiculously powerful spells early on in the game. However, you still need to find/buy the skillbooks you want, so I imagine you will be quite poor at the start of the game.


  • Open the zip file
  • Drag the Data folder into your Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition folder (for Steam users, go to Program Files(x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition"
  • DONE

It says that you can't play multiplayer but this is not true, you just need both players to have the mod installed.

Happy source hunting :)