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Changes the textures of many weapons for better details.

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"Better Weapons" changes the textures of 87 weapons to increase details.

This mod IS NOT COMPATIBLE with any other mod that changes the weapons' textures. If you install another mod for weapons, it will overwrite this
one and so the opposite.


1) Download Norbyte's Export Tool: https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/szhu-qa/test/ExportTool-v1.6.3.zip
2) Unpack and run the "ConverterApp.exe" file.
3) Select the window "PAK/LSV Tools", browse your computer under the
Package Path option to load the file "Textures.pak", which is located
inside your "Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition/Data" folder.
4) Under the option "Extraction/source Path" choose as destination your "Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition/Data" folder.
5) Click "Extract Package".

The five steps above will create a folder called "Public", which contains all the game's original textures.

PLEASE NOTE: By extracting the "Public" folder inside your game's directory, you will overwrite any previous graphics' mods that you have installed, if
any. This means that you will have to reinstall them again.
NOTE: Make a copy of the files you have in the folder "DOSEE/Data/Public/Shared/Assets/Textures" before install the mod. You will need it in case you want to uninstall.

Now you are ready to install the "BETTER WEAPONS" mod as follows.

1) Extract the mod's ".zip" file into your DosEE installation directory. Overwrite when asked to do so.
2) Inside your DoSEE/Data directory, you will find 3 files: "Textures.pak - Textures_1.pak and Textures_2.pak". Change their name to: "Textures.pak.original - Textures_1.pak.original and Textures_2.pak.original".
3) Play the game.
You will see a popup message that warns you that you can't play in co-op mode with this mod installed. Click accept and proceed.


1) Copy your original "Textures" folder previously saved, into your "DOSEE/Data/Public/Shared/Assets/" folder.
2) Inside your DoSEE/Data directory, change the name of files: "Textures.pak.original - Textures_1.pak.original and Textures_2.pak.original" back to "Textures.pak - Textures_1.pak and Textures_2.pak".
3) Play the game.

Norbyte for the Extractor
PS: if you think that this mod violates any copyright, please let me know and I will remove it as soon as possible.

Hope you enjoy!

If you want to donate, you can use the "Donate" link.