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Takes care that enemies don't idle randomly during combat.

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Divinity Original Sin probably has the most innovative and enjoyable combat system ever seen in this genre. But Source Hunting would be much more effective if enemies didn't move whenever you're going to crush them. For the randomness of idle animations it's impossible to ensure that you don't click past your target. Not being able to anticipate when to click right is gameplay relevant and can cost you some nerves or even a whole playthrough on highest difficulty.

This Mod addresses that annoying issue with idling enemies during combat by giving you exact 10 seconds between every animation. So you have both non-static enemies and success with attacking.
Improved version uploaded (Standard Version 3): 9-10 seconds between idles to prevent synchronic idling of enemies; reset on damage, so you can attack several times within your turn without idling on the horizon.
Alternative version uploaded: No idling during combat!
Patches for use with my QuietDayOnTheMarket-Mod.
Patches for use with Baardvarks mod Scales.

Most enemies should be addressed with the 'Base'-file contained in this mod. But I haven't looked through all files, yet. Some enemies might have an own script which defines their WAITING-behaviour. One file I found by fortune is for the drunken Goblins in Luculla. This file is contained in both versions as well (Standard and No-idling).
So, if you find any enemies on your journey that don't follow the 9-10-seconds-rule, please report me! It can easily be changed.

If you like my Mod, please endorse and give me some feedback. Also take a look at my other mods for more improvements.


Unpack the ZIP folder to the main directory of D:OS Enhanced Edition. The files will be integrated into Data - Public - Shared - Scripts ('Base'-script) and Data - Public - Main - Scripts ('drunkGoblins').

To uninstall just remove the files from the folders.


Mod compatibility
Compatible with all mods that don't make changes on the 'drunkGoblins'-script or the 'Base'-character script, so not compatible with Baardvarks Mod Scales and my QuietDayOnTheMarketMod.

Patches for compatibility of StandStillStandard 3 and NoCombatIdle with Baardvarks mod Scales and my QuietDayOnTheMarket mod are available! To install unpack the ZIP folder to the main directory. Patches always after installation of the Mod you want to patch!
If you use both QuietDayOnTheMarket and Scales you can install both Patches. They don't affect each other.

Save and game compatibility
Compatible with all saves and all games. You can add and remove the files whenever you want.

Version compatibility
This mod is made for D:OS Enhanced Edition. If you want to use my mod for Classic Version, please contact me first! I haven't checked what changes were made.

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