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Strange creatures roaming the valley, a town in distress, and you are stuck in the middle of it. Discover the hidden truth surrounding Dunamis and unite the populace in order to drive the marauding creatures out of the valley once and for all.

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Dunamis is a standalone adventure mod for Divinity: Original Sin where the player finds himself in a land known as The Valley.  With no knowledge of who you are, you will attempt to seek refuge at a nearby house only to find death and carnage.  After escaping, you soon begin to uncover the secret plan behind all the troubles in The Valley.

NOTE:  This mod is for the classic version of Divinity Original Sin, for the EE version go here:

In order to help make sense of everything the help of a nearby town must been listed.  Unfortunately they too are ravaged by the same mysterious creatures you encountered earlier.   On top of all this the town is currently dealing with a political battle that will shape its future.   Unite the people of The Valley, fight back against the murderous creatures, and discover the hidden truth surrounding

Dunamis Features: 
12 Quests with 21 total solutions and 28 total results. 

Varied endings based on quest results. 

Dense map design.

19 specifically crafted combats featuring custom stats and scripting; all designed for challenge and not filler. 
Dialog based skill checks used for alternate solutions.

Final dungeon with puzzles and choices that impact the ending.

A Day/Night Cycle and accompanying NPC behaviors. 

The first D:OS campaign I'm aware of to feature most Original Sin systems.

A game economy where you aren't drowning in loot.

A 1 player campaign with a party of up to 3.