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Changes in the visual UI

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This amendment is intended to enter dozen changes in visual interfaces game in order to become "flavor"

These changes were.

- Action Progression
- Bottom bar
- Combat Turn
- Enemy Health Bar
- equipment
- Loading Screen
- Main menu
- Player info

During the battle now left action points for the next round have special designation, thanks so we know exactly how much they moved us :)
He shares have changed the appearance of points of "balls" to "drops" - is more climatically :)
In addition, the same bar that shows the "AP" has been scaled with a scale of 4 to 2

In many cases, such as progress bars loading or crafting also have visual changes, as well as health bars or windows with portraits of characters.
In the inventory have changed the color of the background in the inventory slots so that it symbolically divided into categories (armor, rings, amulets ...)

And a dozen minor changes in the quality levels of windows or of stamps

.!!! IMPORTANT !!! - The version of the game - (177) before copying this modification please in the [... data / Public / Game / GUI ...] DELETE the file "mainMenu.swf" is not compatible with the version of the game for what does not work the "EXIT" this file was intended only to inform about the author modification :).
Optional update amending the appearance the panel action points ... check screenshot to you see (optional update)
Optional update amending the appearance the panel action points ... check screenshot to you see (optional update 1v2)
Update for standard version of my mod. add better glow fx for AP bar...
INSTALLATION - modifications after unpacking paste folder "data" into the main game folder and you're done :)
modification works with every version of the game.

GRAPHIC mod by vito740 ---
GRAPHIC mod for everything that lives in the game ---

If u like my mod pls Endorse...
Have fun;) greetings Marek (vito740)