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Replaces 3 of the female player haircuts with companion hairstyles.

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Mr Esturk's female hair replacement mod for Divinty: Original Sin

Created by MrEsturk

Version 1.0

A number of people have asked about a certain custom haircut I used in screenshots of some of my mods, so I've decided to upload my personal hair replacement set. It replaces hairstyle 2, 3, and 12 with a 2 of the companions styles (one is split into 2 shader map versions, the original that comes out faded and a custom made version that better works with the haircolor sets).


- Includes a separate folder for hairstyle so you can pick which ones you wish to use.

- Compatible with existing saves.


Open the folder of any part of this mod you wish to use. Install that part's /public folder into Divinity's /data folder. Normally /data would be located at:

/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/Divinity - Original Sin/data

WARNING: Do not place the files in /Documents/Larian Studios/mods as it won't work there.


You'll have to open Divinity's /data/public/assests folder, find the files this mod uses and delete them. I wish there was a cleaner method, sorry. You can safely delete the /assests folder for a full wipe of this mod, although that may also erase other texture and model mods you've installed.


- This mod cannot be toggled on/off from the mod menu, due to Divinity not currently supporting true stand alone mods that overwrite existing content. It functions like an overwrite of the main module.

- I have not tested how it works with multiplayer, but others have stated it works.

Additional Credits:

-Norbyte of the Larian forums: taught me how to overwrite existing models.

-Larian Studios: For creating the game and the replacement models I used.