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Re-upload of Nuska's aka Kaarna's excellent Female Mesh-Replacer.

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Hallo everyone,

With its sequel out, I checked out D:OS again - and found that one quite excellent mod for it by user Nuska was apparently taken down earlier this year. As I still have a .rar of the mod on my hard drive, and in line with her permission contained there-in:

"The contents of this mod may be freely altered and I encourage derivative works and extensions building on top of my work. Crediting me would be nice though."

I have decided to upload that archive here. It is provided as is and all credits for its creation go to Nuska,  a.k.a. Kaarna on the Larian-boards. A show-case of the mod including screenshots can still be found there via the following link:


I've also added some screenshots of my own to this upload.

To install, simply follow the instructions included in the .rar's read-me.


One update: As mentioned in the comments, there's a certain bug with dyes, as pointed out here:


To fix it, you will need to install the "Sexy female armor by Mr Esturk"-file from this mod here:

Sexy Male and Female Armor by Mr Esturk

by dragging and dropping the files for armor types affected by the bug - plate, mail and leather - atop nuska's files.

Further, I myself was using Esturk's other mod, Mage Robes to Clothes by Mr Esturk, as well. It's the same procedure here: first install nuska's replacer, then the files of that mod and you are good to go.