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Aims to enhance darker and light areas while making the game less "chearful" by not straying to far from original collor pallet.

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It is recommended to turn off anti aliasing and bloom off in game settings if your planning to play without default TAA. If you play with default TAA then you can disable TAA in reshade settings by pressing 'home' key and uncheking the TAA box.

Download reshade, run install (Dishonored 2 should be auto-detected, if not then select browse an go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Dishonored2 or where your D2 is installed and select D2.exe), select D2, select directx10/11/12, click next, select sweetfx an click next.
Then extract "Gothica" .zip and place all files in dishonored2 folder where .exe is located. Done.

Note: you might need to adjust brightnes depending on your monitor.

(recommended reshade version: 5.0.2), {v. 5.0.2 is in the optional category}

P.s. you can disable TAA in reshade settings and enable default TAA in the game settings recommended sharpnes is between 16 and 20, brightness lvl of default 19, 17 or 16 is recommended if not to dark.
Preset can make some "sunny" areas brighter, if the image is too "bright" try disabling lightshafts.