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This lets you toggle the HUD on/off ingame with a hotkey. You can also turn off crouch vignetting and sword trails.

Permissions and credits

Simply drop all files in the main Dishonored2 install folder where the .exe is located

Once ingame, press TAB to toggle the HUD on or off.
Press H to toggle off sword trails and crouch vignetting.

Be aware that menus and loading screens will also disappear when HUD is toggled off.

Unfortunately this mod is not compatible with Reshade.

Disabling vignetting and sword trails separately:

If you dont want both effects disabled at the same time, simply open the Shaders folder and:

Delete these two files if you want to keep sword trails on:


Delete this file if you want to keep vignetting on:


If you want vignetting/sword trails to be always off:

Open the d3dx.ini, scroll down until you see [Constants], then simply change y = 1 to y = 0 like this:

x = 1
y = 1  <--- Change this to 0

Changing keybinds:

To change bindings simply open d3dx.ini, scroll down until you see ;Keybinds

Key = tab  <--- Change this for HUD toggle binding
x = 0
type = toggle

Key = h   <---  Change this for sword trail/vignetting binding
y = 0
type = toggle