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This is a UI mod for Dinkum, it will add a tooltip to items that display their value (how much you can sell them for).

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Video Instructions and Mod Showcase by TwoPercentSkimm on Youtube!

This is a really simple UI mod for Dinkum, it will add to the UI tooltip a "Value" (Sell Price) for the selected item.
The value is calculated with the stack size of the items so acts as a Total value.

The tooltip is displayed in your inventory / hotbar but also in other menus such as crafting.

Please contact me in the Dinkum discord: Paris#4321 for any issues.

THIS MOD REQUIRES BepInEx 6.0.0-pre.1 to function (BepInEx_UnityMono_x64_6.0.0-pre.1.zip):

    Install Instructions:
Please visit: Install Instructions

Tip: To find the folder where Dinkum.exe is located go into your steam library and Right click Dinkum > Properties > Local Files > Browse

Config Options available in BepInEx/config/  (OctrDev.ValueTooltip.cfg)

Enable (You can disable the mod quickly by editing this value to false)
Color (When true this will format the Value text to yellow)
Stack (When true this will multiply the value of items by the item stack size)
Commerce (When true this will check the players commerce licence tier for the buff to sell price)
HotKey (Toggles the stack setting when the users holds the defined hotkey, Default is LeftCtrl