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Makes the game more difficult by removing meta game features. Who wants their hand held? You don't! Yuck!

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Me! ...and only me! Just thought I share if there are other "me's" out there! =)

Seriously though, this is probably for people that only play hardcore characters with "players 8" set, no matter what, even if it is too dangerous. So if you're looking for a little more challenge this mod may be for you... errmm, well, me! If you're just doing new game "runs" every 2 minutes this mod is absolutely not for you.

This mod:

1) removes health/mana potions as well as all other potions from the monster loot tables. These potions can still drop with special chests (bosses) because they're hardcoded so can't get rid of them there though they're more rare now from these chests. Rejuvenation potions still drop but at a slightly lower chance.

2) removes scroll drops from the monster loot tables. They can still be bought at merchants.

3) removes the Tome of Identify. Can still be found by... well, you'll find it, maybe.

4) removes the functionality of all Shrines (dungeons) or completely removes them (wilderness areas).

5) makes all automap tiles invisible as well as landmark icons. Can still see NPC, yourself, and hirelings (so you know when they bug out; wasn't me!)

6) removes all throwable potions. Can still be bought at merchants.

7) removes Gambling.

8) adds gems to Gambling merchants for sale at outragous prices, [but hey I cured your gambling habit didn't I?]

9) doubles Repair costs

10) scrolls of Identify/Townportal more expensive

11) Hirelings cost 500,000 to resurrect. Will make it 3 million soon (wanted to remove the Resurrect function completely but couldn't figure out a way).

12) Makes Key drops from monsters very rare and only 1 can drop (or be bought) at a time. Better stock up before leaving town.

13) Keys and Small Charms can be stored (not used) on the belt.

14) Starter potions on belt and scrolls in inventory removed from character creation/level 1.

Upcoming Soon in v0.1.18

A) More shrine objects removed from game, especially in dungeons where it's more difficult to track down where they spawn. All shrines currently should be disabled and just the object remains on the Tiles (in 0.1.17). Unfortunately this requires a new character to see the changes because how the seed key is created in the master character save file.

B) Reduced [even further] how often Keys, Ammo, and Rejuvination potions drop

C) Reduced experience to the point that the game must be set to "players 8" to gain the *same amount of experience* as "players 1" would. Don't worry, not ever touching drop rate of armor, weapons, jewelry, runes, charms, etc. Just the "junk." when on "players 8."

D) Fixed pricing on Gems sold by the [once] Barter merchants. Finally realized "Drehya" in the code is actually "Anya." ha!

Anyways, going to test it for a couple weeks before upload. Maybe all two of you will want to make a new character by then. ~cheers~



1. Go to your D2R directory and make a shortcut of D2R.exe (to wherever you want)
2. Open the properties of the shortcut and put " -mod wti -txt" at the end of target line.
3. Extract this zip file directly to your D2R directory.