Diablo II: Resurrected
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A Save File, equipped with gear, charms and Items for Uber's in Offline Mode

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Hey Guys,

Due to the bad Server's of D2R, i made an Offline OP Char (which kinda feels like Path of Exile).

Now a Softcore and hardcore variant avaible!

I had fun playing a new char with this set up, its a Hardcore Char, BUT you just need to reach level 10 (with the Charms in Stash, it's quite easy)
just create a new second HC Char and swap the items via Shared Stash and enjoy.

what Content do we have here?

- Items to Open Uber Levels or Spawn Diablo Clone in Chest
- Charm that grant every Aura when equipped (+some attributes and more) for LvL 10+
- Overall Charm for Survivability (like max Res) for LvL 10+
- 2 Charms with all Passive/Summoning Skills (+Multi Shot, Teleport and Strafe)
- A Crossbow with Cast on Kill and massive Damage
- Bolts which Refills and massive Damge
- And some Charms with increased EXP in chest, if you hate leveling (LvL 1+)
- Nearly forget the Torch (the old variant with 25%, because: Now the Game won't Crash!)

Where's the filepath?
Unzip the file and put it in: "C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\Saved Games\Diablo II Resurrected"


I did played D2R Online, Farmed Torches, and even playing hardcore now.
This Set-up is Made for the Downtime of the Servers, and i wanted to know:
How good the new D2R Engine works. And YES, it did a good job.

Have fun, cheers