Diablo II: Resurrected
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This mod lets every single enemy in the game drop at least ONE item. This mod will not guarantee unique drops or HR drops.

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To add this mod to your game follow these steps.

1. Download http://www.zezula.net/download/cascview_en.zip
2. Extract folder and run cascview
3. Extract the entire Diablo II Resurrected/data folder with cascview (this will take a while, and will essentially double the folder size of the game)
4. Paste the extracted data folder into your games root folder
5. Download my mod(ONLY ONE, adding more than 1 will overwrite the most recent) from this page and extract the Zip.
6. Copy the data folder and paste into the Root folder
7. Go into Battle.net app, select D2R and click the cogwheel>Game Settings and tick the box "Additional command line arguments"
8. Add -direct -txt to the command line and click Done.
9. Run the game as normal and it should work.

Things to note:

Only use this Offline.
If you want to change it into an MQL file then go ahead. You can send it to me after and I'll upload it here if you want.

This mod sadly does not multiply champions, uniques or super uniques