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There are so many good mods on here, but I found my favorites and merged them. Not in an elegant way, more like carefully tapping a thumbtack in with a 70 ton bulldozer.

Update! Now with 45% more skeletons and Vines!

Permissions and credits
This is a compilation of these fantastic mods:

Better SP
Expanded stash (No merc equip for now..)
Talonrage's Mod - This mod is AMAZING make sure you endorse this guy's hard work.
Enemy Multiplier (the 2x version) - Actually I was overwriting this one. Still a great mod, though I've created my own version for this mod.
Druid Rebalance
Simple Loot Highlighter (High Runes Only)

If any of these talented and handsome mod authors wish, I will take this mod down. All I really did was Mod-centipede them together in a
(very) Frankenstein way.

I have created a discord server to give those who'd like to have the ability to ping me (ScottieKnowz) directly and discuss/help test. Hope to see you there. https://discord.gg/MhvPsUw6SY

The VERY Work in progress website for our mod is now available at http://mmm.collinthedev.com/
Some pages are still being worked on

I noticed I'm in Hot files! That's pretty cool, but I'd love it if you could take some time out of enjoying this mod to give The mods above an endorse. My work is very highly derivative of theirs and they should get a lot more credit than me. Make sure you're giving them the thanks they deserve, I did. So why not endorse all 5 of them? Thanks guys!


To play the latest version with Merc Equip this change is required

Road map time! Open your Google app or whatever Apple uses. It is dangerous to go alone..

Currently I am rebuilding this WHOLE MESS. We're gonna have more monsters (going to swap in a higher Enemy Multiplier), More pets, more items, a gallon of dip, a bouncy house. It's going to be totally rad.  Uh the 1980s to 90s kind of rad, not the Chernobyl "I grew a new arm" rad. Actually if anyone has some polonium we could do both. I don't have any but I'd be happy to hold it for a friend. 

So recap
skellys stack to 20. I am not sure I'll let it go higher, they just don't have a lot of use due to clueless 90s AI
Golems! Yes I think I've got the Golems set to min"(20/lvl, 2)" this *should* mean 2 golems at skill lvl 20 Same for bears!
You can have 3 vines out at once. one of each, two of one and one of the other, or THREE of one. Teem Trees!
Druid "totems"  Actually Spirits, again 3 total, one of each best. This is being a pain may or may not make it to this release.
Blood Golem is road mapped to cast "Life Tap" until I can give him a proper pally-like life steal aura. <- Not working.. yet...
Monsters are all multiplied by 5. THIS WAS HARD no not the multiplier, d2excel does that for you.. but remember the 6 in 1 combo vines? That was this S***! Fixed!


How do I install this you must be asking me, well Jimothy it is simple:

First download my mod. That's a very important step I bet no one fails.
Next Create a folder in D2's root folder named "mods"
Create another folder inside that one like a turducken of folders named "Merged"
Looks like this: F:\Inchat\Games\Blizzard\Diablo II Resurrected\mods\Merged
Ok. Now go and create a shortcut to D2r
Click for properties, check "Start in" text field and put:
"F:\inchat\Games\Blizzard\Diablo II Resurrected\D2R.exe" -mod Merged -txt
(like so)

Your folder structure is likely different, but only the:

Diablo II Resurrected\D2R.exe" -mod Merged

Part matters.


Bugs! Not the ones you find in the canyon of the magi, the ones you find that you fail to patch out.
Things that do not make sense! (Skeletons refuse to acknowledge that they are supposed to have a max summon of skill lvl + 4 or 2 or whatever I set it to)

Ok but how about real features:

All items from D2rPlus seem to be working. Durvel is a Unique-pinata if you can beat the candy, weird caterpillars, Hitpoints out of him.
Better SP was the top overwrite so, yeah pretty much all those features.
Druid Rebalance was number two.. sort of. All the wolves you want all out at the same time (probably bear too). Poison creeper plus another vine of your choice at the same time. Spirits I am working on. I may have even applied that logic to the golems, I don't think these last two were in his mod.. that's just my tinkering.

Finally I would ask that in lieu of endorsement or recommends or whatever you send flowers, make a donation to modding rehab, go endorse those mods. I really just slapped them around until they agreed to become the Fellowship of the merge.

Known bugs:

Skill descriptions are all f***ed up! Like really bad. So here is what you should know until I fix them... which I thought I did.

Wolves: 14 total spirit wolves at lvl 14 Half that for the Dire ones. 2 bears 2 golems. Skellys are equal to your level in their skill
You may have 3 vines and 3 spirits at the same time. Pick your own adventure on their type.. it all works as long as it's less than 1 + how high Valve can count.

May have some cube recipe bugs still. I'm looking into this.. Probably tomorrow though, since I have got all the mother f***ing bugs fixed.. I'm gonna play now damnit.
Author is not taking medications atm. This may result in very wild descriptions. But(!) the features are there!

So much yelling.

Also fun fact I have a Odyssey G9 so it echos back my words.. so I'm kind of not yelling at myself and I totally am. Touche' Schrodinger..
Probably other things I am forgetting.