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A collection of random cheaty mods. Works with D2RMM Mod Manager.

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This D2RMM mod includes a collection of random cheaty things that can be enabled and disabled individually.

Version 1.4 Includes:

  • Easier Token of Absolution (Respec token using a Tome of Identify and Tome of Town Portal in the Horadric Cube)
  • Easier Runes (Rune combination recipes no longer require you to use gems)
  • Easier Cow Level Portal (Can now make Cow Level Portal with a Scroll of Identify and Tome of Town Portal)
  • Convert Pandemonium Keys (Adds a recipe to convert between Pandemonium Keys (Terror -> Hate -> Destruction -> Terror))
  • Start with Horadric Cube (New characters will have the Horadric Cube in their inventory from creation)
  • Experience Gain Percentage (Change experience gain to this percentage, i.e. 100 = vanilla, 200 = double exp.)
  • Change Mana Regen (Change to a lower number for quicker mana regen, or a higher number for slower mana regen)

See the source code on GitHub.