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This mod aim to improve the quality of life for singleplayer in Diablo II Resurrected to make it less tedious!

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This mod makes small improvements or balance changes to make certain parts of the game less tedious. It is meant for players who want a vanilla balanced experience but with more convenience. Each feature is uploaded separately so you can choose which ones you like or not like.

This mod will probably not longer be updated with new features unless some update breaks it.

Check out my other mod too please

Quality of Life Changes

- Teleport in town
- Infinite Stamina
- Increase stack size of tome (200), key (100) and bolt/arrow (500).
- Display the Rune number in the item name (i.e "El Rune (1)"
- Display the item level in the item name

Balance Changes
- No experience penalty at high levels
- No longer require a Wirt's Leg for The Secret Cow Level (the recipe is now Key + Tome of Town Portal)
- Respec (Token of Absolution) recipe changed to something easier but not completely free (Jewel + Tome of Identify)

Not compatible with mods that change the same files without a compatibility patch(my changes are fairly small and you can combine any mod yourself with d2excelplus)

I will be making a new seperate mod that will be focused on droprate and item balancing. This mod will be about QOL only

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