Diablo II: Resurrected

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This is the beginning of a new full-project mod that will continue to expand with features and updates.

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Welcome to ReMoDDeD.
This mod completely redesigns the UI and adds some small features/improvements. The next focuses will be some skill re-designs, QoL additions and other minor mods. The goal of this mod will to become a full-project experience with other collaborators.

The current version 0.4 offers the following features/changes:
- Item images have all been AI upscaled from legacy for use in D2R. Enjoy the items you remember how you remember them, but now in HD.
- Expanded Storage enabled for Inventory(10x8), Stash(16x13) and Cube(16x13).
- Main Menu re-designed, opening it up more to enjoy the backdrop visuals. Brought back the beloved pentagram selector for your characters.
- Stats page cleaned up and organized with Advanced Stats being accessible in the same window.
- Animated Panels added on left/right edges to honor the journey from D2L to D2R
- General redesign of various panels for better readability or visual appeal (subjective)
- Intro movies skipped
- Gem colors added

Gameplay Changes: Coming Soon
While work continues on skill icons, layouts and other visual elements, progress will start being made on gameplay changes, like QoL, skill edits, etc.

Next Tasks:
- Completing "lowend" variants of sprites for lower performance platforms
- Updating skill icons for the new theme (In Progress)
- Fixing reported bugs and issues discovered

Known Issues:
- Hardcore Icon has bugged positioning when selecting a hardcore, pre-expansion character.
- Weapon swap UI tab does not activate via click. Hotkey works as normal.
- Controller and Classic characters are not supported yet.
- Only Amazon has the new skill icons and tree design concept.

Donation Support:
Although I was first against this idea; I vastly underestimated the willingness of others to support D2R Modding.
While we will provide you with the best quality content regardless; if you desire to give extra support to D2R modding efforts...we will greatly appreciate it and continue to provide the community with an enjoyable experience.
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