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Replaces DMC 2 DLC track "Fire Away" with a Pachislot remix of Devils Never Cry

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Replaces DMC 2 DLC track "Fire Away" with a Pachislot remix of Devils Never Cry. AKA:

1) Devil Bonus BGM (Devils never cry REMIX VER.)
2) Devils never cryスロットRemixVer
3) パチスロ「デビルメイクライ3」 『Dante Jack』BGM

It has many names.....

It's the song used in one of donguri's combo videos (first 3 min):


1) Download the mod
2) Move the Devil Bonus BGM (Devils Never Cry Remix).rar to the Mods folder (file path: Games\DMC5\Mods)
3) Launch Fluffy Manager and install

I've put 2 versions here, (-10 dB) and (-13 dB):
(-13 dB) is more closer to the volume of the other DLC tracks, but I didn't like how quiet it was, so I made a louder version (-10 dB).
Only difference between the two is the volume. If you find (-13 dB) too quiet, then use (-10 dB).

Known issues:
1) Mod doesn't have preview song, so if you select "Fire Away" and play the preview in the Gallery, you'll still hear "Fire Away." 
2) I don't know how to convert the .msg.14.txt file back to .msg.14 after editing it (dragging and dropping it to the dmc 5 msg tool does nothing, Idk why, maybe someone here can help?), so the message for the track will still say "Fire Away - Devil May Cry 2/Dante Combat Music 1"
3) If mod doesn't work, try uninstalling all installed mods and click "re-read game archives" in Fluffy Manager, then install the music mod first, and then all your other mods.

Issues aside, I've tested both versions, and it works in battles, so I thought I'd share this mod :)

Optional File:
I've also put the .wem and the hex data in the Optional Files section, in case any experienced modders want to put it into a pack.

This is my first time modding, so don't be mean pls :(
I'm also not taking any requests as this is really time consuming, but if you want to replace DLC tracks and need help with understanding something, lemme know.

Special thanks to FluffyQuack for providing reference pictures and notes to his DMC 4 music mod. I wouldn't have made this without those.