Devil May Cry 5
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lol, just read the description!

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So I've noticed when a lot of people make Dante model swap mods, no one ever considers the DT transformation. One day I decided to play with some files until I found success! I figured if this information were to be spread quickly that this would be the way to go!

DISCLAIMER!!! Mesh Model (pl0110.mesh.1808282334) *must* include a Head and still Hair to work. The Devs didn't think that giving DT Dante seperate Head and Hair files was necessary.

So! How do you do it?

locate  Dante's main character file "pl0100_dante" open that, then open "pl0100_body"

Copy and paste these ( pl0100.mdf2.10, pl0100.mesh.1808282334, pl0100_trans.mdf2.10) into dante_majin Body! (pl0110_body)

once done rename files from pl0100 to pl0110.

Now Dante (if given Head Model and Static Hair) should only be able to transform into himself or whatever model you put in the DT form folder!

I hope this helps you guys!