Devil May Cry 5

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mods for Dante/Nero/Vergil

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Dante -> old Joseph  ( from JOJO part2, original color and dlc color )
Dante -> young Joseph     ( from JOJO part2, original color and dlc colo r)
Nero   -> DIO       ( from JOJO part3, only original color )
Vergil -> DIO        ( from JOJO part6, only original color )
Dante majin -> Jotaro ( from JOJO part3, nocoat, two colors )
Nero majin   -> DIO      ( from JOJO part3, the one who said "sai kou ni high tte ya tsu da" )

ebony & ivory -> Tompson
coyote - A       -> Cola bottle
Red Queen     -> road sign  

known bugs:
When Dante using Balrog, there will be model bugs
When Nero majin using his iron-hand, there will be model bugs
( because i don't replace legs and hands )

demo video: