Devil May Cry 5

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a huge Spawn pack , with weapons and some other things!!

Permissions and credits
a big pack for a great character "SPAWN" !!


Spawn over Dante:
-Spawn normal costume and DT ,model by MclarenH
-Spawn SDT, model by KylieStylish
-VFX aura by me
-glow eyes with "TheDarkness704" materialswapper awesome tool.

-Spawn weapons , Violator head taunt , models by LonelyOMEGA
-Custome Cavaliere by me , Shadow cavaliere R (with "TheDarkness704" materialswapper awesome tool)
-VFX by me with "thezippotm" great tool , Balrog VFX by "TheDarkness704" (thx for your help bro)
-gold Spawn mask for dr Faust (fireballs projectile)
-invisble summoned swords

Shinnok over Vergil:
-normal form and DT by romero1718
-VFX by me with "thezippotm" great tool
-RED mdf by "x17x" from  the mod "Vergil red vfx" thx for let me use it .
-custome sword by me
-Corrupted form SDT
-new weapons

Malebolgia over Urizen final form:
-model by LonelyOMEGA  , edited by me.

UI edited

ps: this mod change a lot of VFX (almost all)


version 1.2 : Vergil update fix and Shinnok playable added
current version 1.3 : mesh fix , texture and mdf

04/08/2021 update : added burned head addon (optional file)