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Effect editing experiment that grew into a full character mod.

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This redhead Lady mod is an experiment that first started with effect editing that got introduced to DMC5 not too long ago. Over time, I made a character mod that would match the effects and before I realized - it turned into a full character conversion mod.
"Crimson Anger" was a thing I made in DMC4 Special Edition already and i've decided to carry over the idea to DMC5.
This is the first mod for DMC5 I've made that contains effects recolored by me alone. It took a while but the this test project was worth it.

This mod includes:
- Full character replacement for Dante (Thanks to vainiuss1 for making his new Lady costume skin for Dante. The new model serves a base for redhead as of version 1.1)
- Recolored effects (red color for Styles, Swords, Balrog's Ignition
Moves, Cerberus, Kalina Ann, Cavaliere, Faust Hat, DT, SDT, E&I,
- Sword replacements and recolors/glow changes:
Rebellion - Cavaliere Angelo Sword (Red Glow)
Sparda - Scudo Angelo Sword
DSD - DMC4 Sparda
- Balrog replaced with Gilgamesh
- DMC4 Dante DT (recolored textures)
- Changed Sin DT (it uses recolored Vergil's body, wings unchanged except glow color)
- Glowing Cerberus (made so that it blends better with red effects)
- Amplified glows for Kalina Anns after Cascade shots.
- Modified Faust Hat model so it fits the streched DMC4 Nero hair better.
- Some modifications to UI (BP Start Screen, Replacement picture for
Dante inside Gallery/Nico's Reports, Red Glass HUD with Style names
inspired by vainiuss1's Color UI Mod, various changes to text messages).
- Patches altering redhead's look (check changelogs and screenshots for more info)

This mod includes (or included) stuff that wasn't originally made by me. Huge thanks goes to:

- DMC4 Nero Hair Mod:

- Playable Lady Mod:

- Cavaliere Angelo Sword for Dante:

- DMC4 Dante Devil Trigger & DMC4 Sparda:

- DMC4 Gilgamesh:
- Lady skin for Dante (Updated Playable Lady):

- EFX Color Edit Tool:
- Ponytail Hair for Dante:

- EFX Effect Editing Template:
- MDF Converter:

<rengareng> (from ZenHAX forums)
- MSG Edit Tool:

- DMC 5 Eyes in 4K:
- Demon Eyes:

Support those mods be downloading them and (if they're on Nexus) endorsing them. My pack wouldn't be the way it is without them.