Devil May Cry 5
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Makes Dante's overall colour scheme darker and adds black details on the coat. (Now with optional Red Pantsu)

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This was kinda unintentional,I just wanted to add some black details on Dante to make his coat look a bit better and when I was done,I realized it looked like his DMC 1 version XD

I made his coat a darker shade of red with some black details to make it look a bit more interesting and his overall clothing darker.

To everyone asking for an EX version,I tried but it just won't work,don't know what I'm doing wrong but the textures just won't load ingame..Sorry guys.


Added a version with red pants and made some minor changes on his shirt (both versions)

*Update 2*

Turns out I had to replace some more files in order for the outfit to load correctly.This should be the final version of the mod,all that's left now is to add the EX versions

To install:
1) Download Fluffy Manager from
2) Start up modmanager.exe and select Devil May Cry 5 as the current game.
3) Put the downloaded .rar in \modmanager\Games\DMC5\Mods
4) Press Manage Mods then Refresh list and check the mod.
4) Launch the game and enjoy.