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Dante watched horror movies all night with pizzas, now you're in his nightmare ! this mod pack will change a lot of things in game so i recomand to uninstall all your current mods.

Permissions and credits
so what this pack contain ?

Current version: 2.0

-Freddy Krueger over Dante with Freddy DT form and full power Freddy  SDT /Ex color black stripes
-Ash williams over Nero with Evil Ash DT / Ex color clean costume
-Jason (part 9) over V / Ex color green
-Jason X over Vergil human and  DT/ no Ex color

-Weapons :
-Bloody axe on rebellion , machete crane on Sparda ,Lucille bat on DSD
,Fury's claws on balrog,
Alien shotgun on coyote-A(WARNING, extremely OP weapon, can one shot
almost all enemies at close range)
, double revolver on ebony and ivory,
Freddy's hat on dr Faust.
-Chainsaw on Red Queen , shotgun on Blue Rose
-Jason X machete on Yamato.
-Human Heart on rose (dante's taunt)
-Jason mask Dante bloodie palace taunt
-Nero bloodie palace taunt will clean the face

-Enemies: Pack A
-Skeleton on Hell Caina
-Ghost face on Hell antonera
-Crusher alien on Riot
-Predator on Fury
-Jason on Proto Angelo
-Michael Myers on Scudo Angelo

-Enemies: Pack B
-Creepy clown on Hell Caina
-Teddy Bear on Hell antonera
-Crusher alien on Riot
-Alien soldier on Fury
-Jason on Proto Angelo
-Michael Myers on Scudo Angelo

-new lighting:
-missions 3,4,5,6,7,9,10,11,12,17,19,20
-lighting with rain added , credit to Lidemi and Dancemacabre69

-new VFX

-UI players and weapons