Devil May Cry 5
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Red and Black hmm Stinging through? nah Blasting through? hmmm.

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RockDante aka Walking ferrari (martinn -2019)

*Change Log*
Update 1: Recolored Devil Sword Sparda, Devil Sword Dante, Cavaliere/Cavaliere r Compleatly Re-done Ebony & Ivory (Still Ebony & Ebony just changed up), Coyote-A With Removed magazines and Dr.Faust
Update 2: Recolored coat and DTs and Kalina anns
Update 3: Recolored Sin DT, Recolored Rebellion (removed Vain's no spikes on handle with same skulls) Switched Balrog for Beowolf (slightly recolored it myself), Improved recolored Kalina Ann 2
Update 4: Updated DTs, Dr.Faust and DSD
Update 5: Recolored all the effects thanks to FlairDarkSlayer, updated few textures, recolored the Ex Costume. Some effects are a bit pink I do not know how to fix it currently.

Other People's Work
keyofdarkness55's Simplified Dante Coat
link =

Daigron (Harki23)'s Dante's New DT & Twin SDT (Used MDFs)
Dante's New DT link =
Twin SDT link =

tabdmc's Ribless Sparda
link =

Nxus64's Rebellion's Hilt for Devil Sword Dante (Recolored it)
link =

thezippotm's Beowulf (Recolored it) (not used anymore)
link =

FlairDarkSlayer's More Colors for Faust Hat's Scarf (Red Scarf)
link =