Devil May Cry 5
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Dynamic version of every vocal track in Metal Gear Rising's soundtrack

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first off i want to thank Jacksys for his amazing guide to making dynamic music mods in the Infernal Warks discord server. without him this project would have been dead before it even began. do check out his dynamic music mods here (they are way better than mine).

second you will probably a notice the absence of one track. dark skies. the reason for that is because that song is designed in such way that makes it hard to mod for the way dynamic music works in dmc. at least for me anyways since there is already a dynamic dark skies mod made by KickDemonSSS check that out as well.

finally red sun and it has to be this way have 2 special S rank music variations. for red sun i have the normal chorus and then a version where only the vocals play for a few seconds then the instrumentals kick. sounds cooler imo. for it has to be this way i made the two versions of the chorus the platinum mix's and the original version's chorus. now im not saying which one is better, but i think it makes for good variation. the way this works is the same way normal devil trigger works, sometimes the music goes ALL OF THESE THOUGHTS RUNNIN THROUGH MY HEHEAD then other times she goes ALL OF THESE VOICES INSIDE OF MY HEAAAD its the same concept.

i have provided short showcase videos for all of the songs.

note that they all replace devil trigger. meaning you have to remove one if you want to play another. 

i was considering making one of them replace devil trigger and another replace subhuman and so on but it would make for a collection that would be incomplete and not to everyone's taste you know what im saying. so i chose this and definitely not because it would make it easier to follow Jacksys's tutorial.