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Transform the DMC5 into a true Special Edition that Capcom should have done!

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Hello everyone, my name is Luigi. 

I recently made some streams on my YouTube channel where my subscribers and I saw the coolest Mods from Devil May Cry 5 and added them to our game to create a "special edition" that was better than Capcom's.

Over time, this evolved into a pack of Mods. Obviously most of the Mods were not made by me, but some of them were and I would like to launch this mod package on nexus as if it were a unique thing, so that the people who download it will not have the trouble of organizing all the mods without one mod giving bugs to the other mod., but I realize that the Modders community did not like this idea, as they are thinking that I stole their mods and because of that i'm coming to ask permission from each of the owners, so i can post the Luigi Edition pack.

In my pack I used some mods from other people and I would like to know if I can post it before I actually post the full content here. I tried to send messages to each of the creators of the mods, but there are many and the Nexus Forum does not allows me to send messages to everyone, so I am posting this Version "0.1" with just a simple Mod that I created that only modifies the title of the game 

My intention is not to earn money or anything like that and because of that I will credit your authorship and I will put the access links for your original mod and for your patreon (if you have). I have much more intention to publicize your work than to steal or harm what you have already done.

Out of respect for the entire mod community, I will not post my package until I have all the permissions.

I Still need the permission of these creators before post my pack in this page:
Danteismyspiritanimal, vainiuss1, DMC5MOD, Nxus64, angelwar2000, UltraGamera, evilmaginakuma, RockTexCZ, djheretostay, hezippotm, Harki23, vainiuss1, KyleOKat, MorphoAtLZ, TheDmC411, XxCRAZYPOTATOxX, ElectronicOldManPrime, MrNiggles, Aracton, DigitalJoshie, xx123manxx, AshR0X, IamMrSniffles, VenomRaven0, Escavalien, ashtoash815, Rpgrobot, Harki23, thezippotm and Rasierer.

Permissions denied:
x17x, The Hitchhiker (in name of SSSiyan's Collab).

Permissions granted:
rasptea, NeLOxAnGeL0 

If your name is above, please would you allow me to release this pack with some of your mods? Please send me a message to confirm or Deny!

Please, check my trailer video. 
The purpose of this video was never to call attention to the package saying that I made it myself, but rather to show subscribers that were already following the lives as the result was getting. Credits will be given to all developers who have been involved in any way.

I thank you for your attention and I am at your disposal.

Luigi Alquimista.