Devil May Cry 5
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A strawberry themed skin for Nero. (Applied to both human and devil form. Visual effects included).

Permissions and credits
How to install:
1- (You can extract the downloaded file if you want, but it's not needed) Copy the downloaded file and paste it into this location: [Fluffy Mod Manager installation folder]->Games->DMC5->Mods
2- Open Fluffy Mod Manager
3- Find the mod in the list and install it with a single click.

Special Thanks to KickDemonAss, Daigron, duyisjuney, Konchu and thezippotm who helped me to make this mod happen.

If you wanted similar skins for different characters, or any form of updates, let me know.
If you wanted to use this mod as a reference for educational purposes, no request for permission or credit is needed.feel free to do so.
If you wanted to copy some parts of this mod for your project, remember to give credit; and better if you inform me first.

Q: Why is it only 9MB? the other skin mods are at least 100MB!
A: There are 2 versions of textures in the game files. Low Res and High Res. The game always uses low res textures for gameplay and high res for the cutscenes. Most modders use high res textures and copy it into the low res folder to prevent doing the same work twice. As a result, it slightly affects performance and may cause some frame rate drops in some parts of the game. What i did was the other way around. I used low res textures for gameplay and copied them into high res folders so it shouldn't affect performance. From what I've seen, the difference is hard to notice in the cutscenes; unless you play on 4k on Ultra settings and care too much about the graphics. If you want me to make a high res version, let me know. I can't promise that though; since the difference it makes is very little.