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Flair Dante, Third Street Saint Dante (called by many) or simply Black & Purple Dante is a mod that adds some black & purple stuff for Dante and some of the weapons he's using... Yes, it IS as simple as it sounds...And yes, it's nothing creative xP

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There are two things that I like a lot for the last few years - black and purple color mix and Devil May Cry franchise... So why not mixing both... First I did some mods for DMC4 (you can check videos on my YouTube channel) and then it simply carried over to DMC5. It's nothing creative and it's pretty much equivalent of another EX costume, but I and some other folks think it looks good nonetheless.
So yeah, may the purple make your eyes bleed if you decide to go for it :P

What this mod changes exactly?
- Textures for Dante in all versions (clean and dirty): black jacket and pants, purple shirt and eyes.
- Black and purple Devil Trigger and Sin Devil Trigger (MDF glows included)
- Gives Dante Prologue hair throughout entire game (Lately I started digging Dante's shorter hair more)
- Weapon replacements and reskins:
- Rebellion (replaced with DMC4 Rebellion by vainiuss1 + reskin)
- Balrog (replaced with Beowulf by thezippotm + tweaked purple glow)
- Devil Sword Sparda (reskin)
- Devil Sword Dante (reskin)
- Cerberus (reskin)
- Cavaliere (reskin)
- Cavaliere R (reskin)
- Faust Hat (reskin)

If you have any mods that change any of the stuff mentioned above, make sure you manage your mods for Dante properly since what you may have on your PC may get replaced.

Installation is simple - go to your files for Fluffy's mod manager -> Games -> DMC5 -> Mods and drag the downloaded archive into Mods folder (DON'T UNPACK; manager recognizes .rar archives)

And if you're wondering what's up with the name... It's something I came up with like 10 years ago and didn't have any ideas for replacement... Deal with it xP