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Higher quality textures for Vergil, Boss Vergil, DT, Yamato and Beowulf weapons.

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This is essentially a combination of DMC3 and DMC4SE textures, with a lot of my own texturing and drawing.
I made his DT forms first by taking Dante's Rebellion DT texturemap from cutscenes (which is higher quality compared to the default textures), edited & mixed them with his DT textures from 4SE and it ended up looking quite nice.
For his human form, most of the textures are from DMC3, simply upscaled, filtered & tweaked, but his face is entirely made of his 4SE textures.
For Yamato, all the textures came from 4SE.
Beowulf was the easiest, though I made it harder on myself in the beginning by attempting to deconstruct the original texturemaps in both games... and it was much simpler to upscale & filter, then redraw the parts where it's supposed to glow.

Overall I think this skin took me around 12 hours to finish! At least 4 of those hours were dedicated to the DT forms.