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Updates Deus Ex Human Revolution visuals to 2018 using postprocessing

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== DERP ==
- Deus Ex ReShade Preset -

ReShade preset for Deus Ex Human Revolution (Director's Cut) and DirectX 11

What's this?

As Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cut is a technical nightmare running on DirectX 9 (which Boris Vorontsov has an ENB plugin for) this is meant as an alternative for people who play the Director's Cut edition and can not manage to set it up in a way that uses ENB/DX9 and runs smoothly. Being struck with that myself I created this ReShade preset to update DXHRDCs visuals to 2018, running on DirectX 11.

It makes the image less flat, enhances the dynamic range to a great degree, sharpens the image and adds very subtle Bloom, Film Grain and Motion Blur.
See the preview images to get an idea how the effects look.

Technical Information & Setup

The performance impact is minimal to none on modern hardware as DXHRDC can run with far more than 100 fps on GPUs made after 2014. You should use VSync and Triple Buffering anyway.
This was built using Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cut (build and ReShade 3.4.0 and should work with all subsequent ReShade versions.

Make sure your game is set up to use DirectX 11 as rendering API or this will not work!


  1. Go to ReShade.me and download the most recent ReShade.
  2. Install ReShade browsing to your DXHRDC installation and select DXHRDC.exe. Select Direct3D 10+ as rendering API. Download shaders from ReShade and select all*.
  3. Extract dxgi.ini and DERP.ini from DERPs ZIP archive into your game directory, overwriting all files if prompted.
  4. Start game, enjoy visuals.

* If you want to minimize startup times, you can limit the selection to these shaders during installation (or delete all others from $GameDir\reshade-shaders\Shaders\ after installation):

  • FakeHDR.fx
  • AdaptiveSharpen.fx
  • SMAA.fx
  • MagicBloom.fx
  • FakeMotionBlur.fx
  • Clarity.fx
  • FXAA.fx
  • Curves.fx
  • FilmicPass.fx
  • FilmGrain.fx
  • LumaSharpen.fx
  • Vibrance.fx