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Tool that helps make certain changes to the game's executable

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Updated 9/5/23

This mod provides a GUI tool written in Java that allows certain changes to be applied to the game. It works with any of the 4 versions of the game (Director's Cut Steam, Director's Cut GOG, Original Steam, and Missing Link Standalone).

There are 9 changes that can be made to the game:
1. Allow Skipping Any Cutscene – this allows all cutscenes to be skipped, with this most
significantly allowing the long walk with Megan Reed at the beginning of the game to now
be skipped.
2. Bypass Hacking – This makes any keycode or password you enter correct, so it essentially
allows you to ignore hacking.
3. Stop Telemetry – This stops some of the telemetry that exists in the game. It prevents the
game from sending data about you to Eidos, but doesn’t stop the data that is going to
DoubleFusion. That telemetry is from the DFEngine.dll instead of the main .exe file. To stop
this, you can install the mod hook, which replaces the .dll
4. Enable high Core Count Fix – This applies a fix that prevents crashes that some users with
high core count CPUs experience.
5. Enable Extra FOV Options – This raises the max FOV option from 100 to 110.
6. Make All Batteries Passively Regen – This removes the 1 or 2 (depending on difficulty) cap for the number of energy cells to passively recharge.
7. Skip Intro Videos – Go directly to the main menu without playing the intro videos.
8. Fix Linux Exit Freeze – Intended for Linux users only. Fixes the freeze that often happens when closing
the game.
9. Change UI Scaling – Provides 3 options for UI scaling (credit: user rrika):
        Limited Scaling – This is what the game does by default. HUD scaling stops for resolutions beyond 1280x720
        Full Scaling - Standard Size – This uses the same scaling ratio as the game’s default, but remove the 1280x720 size cap.
        Full Scaling - Small Size – This removes the 1280x720 resolution cap but makes the scaling ratio smaller. Intended for high resolutions.

To use the installer, run the DXHR-Patcher.jar file. Java Runtime Environment is needed

Note: if you want to use the Gibbed mod-hook with a custom .exe you need to use this compatible version that is included in this download.

This contains data for both the modded and default state, so you can reverse the changes you made by running the patcher again, but not checking the box this time.